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Welcome to the MYSAFERIDEHOME®/OVI Program!

Welcome to a great new opportunity to minimize risk in your and your loved ones' lives

Take the steps necessary to make sure that you, your family, your friends, employees and even customers have the ability to get home safely.

The My Safe Ride Home Card
Providing you with a safe ride home via pre-paid safe taxi ride!
Protect your son or daughter in any risky situation-- whenever they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation, possibly on a bad date or simply somewhere they shouldnt be. Were you unable to pick them up? Have you ever simply forgotten? And there's the opportunity to prevent the risk of drinking and driving. Or, helping a parent or grandparent who may have difficulties behind the wheel in their day-to-day life.

To hail a cab, you can call toll free at 1 (888) 909-6774, or if you have a blackberry cell phone, check out our app!

Explore this portal. We hope you'll take advantage of this risk intervention tool and support this initiative by taking advantage of our sponsors incentives and rewards.