O kanagan  Valley  I nitiative
  • What is the MSRH Okanagan Valley Initiative?
    The MSRH Okanagan Valley Initiative brings the MYSAFERIDEHOME® program to our valley. MSRH offers a socially responsible, pre-subscribed taxi fare service which will:
    • safeguard all ages
    • save lives
    • reduce injuries
    • lower the economic burden of related crashes, medical treatment, hospitalizations and rehabilitation from risk associated events or circumstances.

    Of utmost importance is the ‘Priority Queuing’ and/or ‘Special Attribute’ around a quick pick-up that comes with your MYSAFERIDEHOME® card. Be sure to keep one or more ride credits loaded onto your card for that unexpected need for a Safe Ride!
  • Where are MSRH cards available?
    Available online.
    Available from supporting local merchants.
  • How do I use my MSRH OVI Card?
    Be sure to carry your MSRH OVI Card with you at all times. Simply pre-purchase Ride Credits to ensure you always have Ride Credits available to get you home safely in any situation. Should you at any time be in need of a safe ride.

    To hail a taxi
    • Dial direct 1 (888) 909-6774
    • Use our app on your Blackberry
    • Pre-Book your MSRH to and from a special event

    Inform dispatch you are a MYSAFERIDEHOME® cardholder and the next available car will be dispatched. Upon arrival of the taxi, present your card to the driver. He may verify appropriate ride credits are available on your card, and proceed to take you to your destination. Upon reaching your destination, one Ride Credit will be redeemed from your account at this time.
  • How does the MSRH program support the Central Okanagan Foundation?
    The Central Okanagan Foundation shall receive 40% of all sponsorship revenue from the production of the Okanagan Valley Initiative MYSAFERIDEHOME® card. In addition, should a cardholder have not found the need to utilize a “ride credit” for a period of one year, the value of one ride credit shall be re-deemed from the card with the Central Okanagan Foundation receiving up to 75% of the funds.
  • What happens to the balance of funds?
    The Aislinn Education and Safety Foundation will be the recipient of the balance of non-redeemed funds. Literally translated, the ancient Celtic term Aislinn means "to dream" The purpose of the Aislinn Education and Safety Foundation
    is to move dreams of improved educational opportunities and enhanced personal and community safety into the reality of practical programs and initiatives.
  • Can I reload my OVI MSRH Card?
    Yes - just click on the Load Ride Credit link in the menu.
  • What are Ride Credits?
    Ride Credits are purchased based on the OVI MSRH Zone you want to use the Ride Credit in. When you reach your destination, simply hand the driver your OVI MSRH Card. The taxi driver will swipe your card to redeem one ride credit in exchange for the taxi ride. Please note that gratuities are not included in the Ride Credit. If you have registered your card and created an account, you can log in to check how many Ride Credits you have on your card and add Ride Credits if needs be.
  • Where can I use My Safe Ride Home?
    Currently OVI MSRH Cards can be used with participating taxi companies in Canada and the United States. However, Ride Credit Zone pricing may vary from region to region - check our website to determine the OVI MSRH Taxi Zone for your area.
  • Why should I register my OVI MSRH Card?
    Registering your card allows you to quickly and easily reload your card so you will always have an expedient and safe way to get out of a risk related situation. You are also able to track your account history, participate and get information about the OVI MSRH Rewards and Incentives Program, and order a replacement card in the event that your card is lost, stolen, or destroyed.
  • What do I do if my OVI MSRH Card is lost, stolen, or damaged?
    If your OVI MSRH Card is lost, stolen, or destroyed - click on the Lost/Stolen/Damaged link in the menu. It is important to report this as soon as your realize that your card is lost or stolen as we are unable to transfer ride credits if they have already been used. A small administration fee will apply when replacing a lost, stole or destroyed card.
  • Can I check my OVI MSRH Card Balance online?
    Yes - if you have registered your account, simply sign in using your OVI MSRH Card number or email address and password to check your ride credit balance.
  • Does my OVI MSRH Card expire?
    Your OVI MSRH Card does not expire, but one Ride Credit per year will expire from the card. You are able to add additional Ride Credits to your OVI MSRH Card at any time.
  • Are there fees or additional charges to use my OVI MSRH Card?
    If utilized within a city with an equivalent or lesser applicable zone rate for the purpose of risk intervention, there are no additional charges or fees. If a ride is required outside of the City limits, additional charges will be assessed if the fare exceeds the 133% of the card rate. Payment may be made by redemption of a second ride credit, cash, debit or approved credit card..